From The Top

From The Top

From The Top mixes musical theater and improvisation into an amazingly addictive combination that will keep you coming back for more!

First Saturdays are now From The Top Night at Unscrewed Theater! Join Anna, Casey, Cy, Ryan, and Scott as they create fully improvised musicals from audience suggestions! Right before your eyes.

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Unscrewed Theater

From The Top is the resident Musical Improv house team at Unscrewed Theater.

4500 E Speedway Blvd #39, Tucson AZ



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  • Anna
  • Casey
  • Cy
  • Ryan
  • Scott

After making her debut in homemade bell bottoms for her parents – playing fake guitar to Sha-Na-Na circa 1980 – Anna has been pretending ever since.  

Not even close to being formally trained as an actor or singer, Anna fell in love with improv, then combined the love of making up songs, and fell into the laps of her wonderful troupe mates.  

Making her living in serious matters, musical improv is by far the most fun she’s ever had.  


Taking an improv class on a dare in 2014, Casey started down a path that even she doesn’t know how she got there.  

With a love of 80’s hair bands and modern day lyrical singers, she brings a diverse taste of music to the stage.  Her classical training includes long highway trips to Prescott, where she honed her musical skills at top volume, and waking her kids with ballads each morning.  

Come enjoy what her children do, listening to her make up songs and lyrics on the spot.


Cy Barlow is a musician with an IT day job. She’s a perpetual student of music, theater, and improv and relishes every opportunity to entertain people.

She performs with Unscrewed Theater’s Not Burnt Out Just Unscrewed and From The Top and Tucson’s nerdiest steel drum band, Apocalypso.

Cy is probably not your uncle.


Ryan is known to have told his mom “I don’t like to sing” when she tried to coax him to sing along with Disney.  Looks like his mom did know best.

Later in life he found more inventive ways to get attention…classic middle child. Beginning with parodies with his brother, several sketches during high school, and a stint as a Blues Brother in college, he finds himself still making up songs for attention.

Thanks for watching, it makes him feel special.


Making things up since 2015!
In short, I’m me! But for those that like a little more info… I was born and raised in Tucson Az with a love to goof off. I am currently working with three different troupes from short form to musical improv with From the Top! Which by the way, is in my opinion the hardest form I’ve preformed!  This has been helping me stay “loosey-goosey” and a more rounded performer.

P.S. I love rolling around on stage!

P.P.S (hehe I said peepee) I tend to love playing characters with ridiculous names such as John Don Bonobo