From The Top

From The Top Auditions 2021

Yay! You want to be a part of the improvisational, musical, magical fun that is From The Top! This page has all you need to know to audition. Please read through it all carefully, then fill out the form.

Audition Date

Saturday, September 18
1:00pm MST
Unscrewed Theater

About From The Top

From The Top is a musical improv troupe, a House Team at Unscrewed Theater, and a fun group of people to play and laugh with. We’re looking for new members!

Are you a confident singer who’s always wanted the PERFECT role? Are you a great improviser who thinks, ‘That would be a GREAT place for a song!’ during your scenes? Are you an instrumentalist (piano, guitar, drums, beatboxing, etc.) looking to try improvisational accompaniment? Then auditioning for From The Top is for you!

Make your own perfect roles in EVERY musical. Sing when words alone will no longer do. Create the music that drives good stories. With us!

If you’re stronger in singing or stronger in improv, never fear, we work on both every week, so we’re always improving.

About the Audition

First, we’ll warm up as a group, vocal warm-ups and improv warm-ups. Then we’ll rotate everyone through small groups, which will include current members of From The Top, for exercises and scenes to get a sense of your style of play and to assess how well you fit with From The Top storytelling.

We’ll begin at 1:00pm MST. How long the audition will last will depend on how many people audition, but we anticipate a two to three hour commitment at most.

It will be a fun afternoon of musical improv!

The Fine Print

Below are a set of expectations for From The Top members. If you plan to audition, you must agree to them. This includes a COVID-19 vaccination requirement. All members of House Teams and all volunteers at Unscrewed Theater must have proof of vaccination (which should also indicate that the final shot of your vaccination is at least two weeks prior to the audition date) on file at Unscrewed Theater.

You are welcome to wear a mask for your audition should you feel more comfortable doing so, but everyone in the theater during the audition will be fully vaccinated, and we will be organizing the exercises and scenes in such a way that doesn’t require close proximity to your fellow players.

“Do I have to fill out the form to audition?” It’ll save some time on September 18 – and let us know how many people are coming – if you do, but you can just show up if that’s how you roll.

From The Top Expectations

  • All members of Unscrewed Theater House Teams are strongly encouraged to volunteer, in some capacity, at the theater at least once per month. Most choose to volunteer during Friday or Saturday shows for front-of-house, tech, or house management shifts, but there are other opportunities that may better suit your skills and availability. Volunteering is how we pay back the theater for rehearsal space.
  • Attending all rehearsals is highly encouraged. However, real life is real life, and we strive to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules as best we can while aiming for the highest caliber performances through weekly rehearsals. Missing a significant number of rehearsals may result in not being cast in one or more shows.
  • From The Top shows are billed as family-friendly, and kids frequently attend our performances. You are expected to perform within the constraints of language, subject matter, and situations appropriate to a family-friendly show.
  • Adherence to Unscrewed Theater’s Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Policy is required.
  • You must have proof of COVID-19 vaccination on file with Unscrewed Theater.

Audition Form

We’re no longer accepting online forms, but if it’s before 1pm on September 18, come on down (bring your COVID-19 vaccination proof & a mask) and join us if you’d like to audition!